Use the sheet machine what items need to be aware of

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
In order to make the sheet function better and faster to produce high quality sheet, in use process, sheet material machine at eight o 'clock to note the following: 1, sheet pattern in the temperature of the tube on the paragraphs are different, starting from the charging period to the joint barrel and die, get higher temperature. 2, molding mold temperature slightly higher than the cylinder temperature. Both ends of mould core temperature slightly lower than temperature. 3, three roller in the middle of the roller and roller of roller surface should be on the lip and die under the plane in the same plane, lip end face to the intermediate roll axis parallel, between 5 - apart 10cm。 4, the die lip clearance should be slightly less than or equal to the thickness of the product, the center of the die lip clearance should be slightly smaller than the mold on both ends of the aperture. 5, pay attention to three work roll surface roughness, shall not exceed 0. 下午2点。 Cleaning should use copper knife roller surface cleaning roller surface residue. 6, mold temperature control stability, high temperature, liquid flow in the mold of speed, vice becomes slow. Unstable flow velocity error will cause the vertical thickness of the product. 7, the working temperature of the roller, into pieces of roller should be slightly higher than the temperature of the roller temperature. Roller surface temperature on the high side, the slab is not easy to take off the roller, the product surface is easy to produce grain; Temperature is too low, product surface gloss. According to this phenomenon, the temperature control of roller surface according to the time to adjust. 8, the extrusion speed should be slightly less than three roll speed, stable running speed.
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