Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine parts of the materials of production

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
Union star vacuum forming machine, vacuum forming machine piece of the material of production

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takeaway: 【 Vacuum forming machine 】 Production material is a kind of plastic coil, is through the extruder processing good materials in advance. So' Vacuum forming machine 】 Can use the material is what? Union star machinery small make up and then speak it.


  【 Vacuum forming machine 】 Used generally in mm thick sheet thickness, also have a thick piece of vacuum forming machine, the thickness of the materials used in up to 10 mm, for the power requirement of the vacuum is higher.

common sheet in our industry are: PS sheet, PVC sheet, PP sheet, PET sheet, flocking, PP sheet, flocking of PS sheet, gilded plate, silver plate, anti-static sheet, double color plate, etc. Now new research direction of PLA renewable biodegradable sheet. Double color sheet of extruder production personnel experience requirements is quite high. Vacuum forming products are widely used in electronic packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, auto parts tray, etc. Especially in should notice on food packaging material proportioning, avoid harmful to human body material.

summary: 【 Vacuum forming machine 】 Overview of production materials we have finished, other content, please pay attention to our update.

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