System - cup machine series - Vacuum suction machine have the characteristics of the machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
1, the first cup machine adopts vertical pull piece of design: pull uniformity and stability of fast, shorten the holding time, the environmental protection material more adaptability and lower power consumption, ensure the quality of product molding. 2, system cup machine grouping independent temperature control: adopt special dense plane far-infrared ceramic hair piece assembly, temperature uniformity, 50% higher than traditional machine save electricity. 3 by enclosed heating, electric heating furnace, sheet machine make heating more even and reducing heat loss, and comes with a manual switch, vertical lift, control of electric furnace in the process of production and control the quality of the product. Thick film or PP sheet can adopt double electric furnace heating up and down, Customer order) To speed up the heating time, improve production speed, yong xu plastic machinery factory specializing in the production of a lid machine, cup machine, etc. 4, system cup machines equipped with vibration membrane device, for complex product is not easy to deformation, demoulding easy. 5, double row needle chain transmission, high speed to ensure a stable, accurate and with a width adjustable device, make the best use of mechanical energy of film and reduce waste. 6, the whole machine is equipped with water cooling device and high-speed cold water spray, speed up the molding and ensure the quality of molding, production speed is faster than the traditional one times. 7, the built-in two vacuum, make difficult products are more likely to molding, improve product quality, reduce scrap rate. 8, cup machine machine adopts imported equipment and the international pneumatic components factory, quality is absolutely reliable, safe and durable.
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