Some common problems in the system of cup machine packaging

by:Mengxing     2020-02-29
Cup machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, cup making equipment and sheet transfer mechanism. Sheet transfer shall be set up at one end system cup machines at the exit of the fuselage, the other end by sliding connecting mechanism and the fuselage connection; Sheet transfer mechanism is the chain transmission mechanism, chain conveyor belt front by sliding mechanism and connected to the fuselage, the backend connection chain row seat, chain row seat by sliding connecting mechanism and the fuselage connection; Sliding mechanism including chain conveyor belt pulley and in front of the fuselage and the roller track. Cup machine packaging process including wrapping package, filling, sealing, such as process, and its related process, such as stacking, clean and remove, etc. In addition, system cup machines package also includes measuring or sealing process, such as on the package. Products with mechanical package lid machines can increase productivity, reduce the labor, the need for mass production is very suitable for, clean sanitation requirements can be up to standard. There are many sheet machine packaging machinery classification method. From function points can be divided into single-use packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine; And from the varieties of packaging can be divided into special packing machine and general packaging machine; From the purpose can be divided into the inner packaging machine and packaging machine; From the level of automation can be divided into half automata and automata, etc. Equipment membrane materials are prone to offset at work and there's no way to normal feeding how to adjust? If you encounter in the equipment of the membrane material migration happens, adjusted roller position and tension balance beam under the condition of no effect, by adjusting the Angle of the triangle can solve this problem. The upper membrane deviating from the clip material chain, for example, can be set square to the clockwise adjust; Deviating from the clip material chain, such as the lower film on triangle counterclockwise direction adjustment can solve this problem. If system cup machines in packing of 6 bottles of cluster, magic eye there is no way to detect packing materials, and the machine is easy to cut packaging to at work how to deal with? Cluster of each bottle packaging clearance affect magic eye detection, then it can be horizontal electric eye detection Angle adjustment for bevel. Adjusted may reduce the risk of BOPS hot forming machine to packaging clearance, cut can not get work disorderly phenomena appear.
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