Sheet machine vibration appeared in the process of production?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Sheet machine vibration has many causes, including vibration consists of forced vibration and self-excited vibration and the vibration from three. In mechanical processing, if the vibration of precision cutting or grinding, mainly forced vibration. The condition of the cutting vibration is mainly self-excited vibration. Then, according to different vibration, the what precautions are taken respectively? Vibration generated by the system changes over time, in time under the action of movement, known as the system response force, or the system dynamic characteristics. It can use the displacement, velocity and acceleration. In order to avoid the sheet machine in the process of machining chatter, to pass test to determine the dynamic characteristic of the sheet machine, and then work out the solution. Can use between cutter and workpiece vibrator analog variable cutting force. Then measured the relative vibration between the tool and workpiece displacement and vibration displacement of the phase Angle of vibration.
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