Making a cup of machine production gradually toward environmental protection

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
Now system cup machine is very great significance for the development of the city, and in many cases, we use disposable plastic cup with cup machine processed by this system. And system cup machines produced in the early stages of a plastic cup due to material problem, degradation ability is low, and now this kind of system cup machine production gradually toward environmental protection. As the country's emphasis on environmental protection, system cup machines to meet the production of 'environmental degradation of glass production line' for the degradation of cup has been able to provide various types of 'on the market. Use the 'plastic' manufacturing 'nano cup' has become a focus of attention, also become the new factory 'selling point'. Cup machine in order to improve the shelf life of foods and shelf life, high separation performance of 'cup' has become a production enterprise of development goals. Cup machine and system evolving, too, is not just a technology, mechanical devices are also changing, say to the current system cup machines, it's not a single machine, but a set of system, including the sheet machine, edge horn assist device, cup, cup stacking machine, etc. , as a whole, is the production of disposable plastic cup with main equipment.
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