Make a cup of vendors would teach you how to choose the extruder filter

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Playing cup vendors would teach you how to choose the extruder screen pack, good extruder screen should be in a metal screen material, stainless steel although more expensive, but can be used for some PVC production line to avoid rusting, or other occasions nickel alloy filter is applied to avoid the corrosion by fluorine polymer or PVDC occasion. In general, the filter sieve ( Or the number of wire per inch) For 20 to 150 or more. 20 sieve screen pack more thick; 40 ~ 60 sieve screen pack is fine; 80 ~ 150 mesh screen is fine. Most of the filter sieve is square woven, the same number of wire in each direction. Dutch weaving method is to use coarse wire in a horizontal direction, and provisions for the number, for example, 32 x120 measures how root/in ( 1 = 25。 4mm) 。 With Dutch weaving method, filter does not need to set in parallel in the filter screen can have fine filtering effect. Have the same number of sieve filter aperture is determined, according to the diameter of the wire sheet vendors would think it is not necessary to completely consistent. For example, by 24 in spacing, diameter of 0. 02 in the wire made of 20 mesh filter, the opening of each side is zero. 01; And by the row spacing of 30 in, diameter of 0. 01 in the wire made of 20 mesh filter, its each side hole larger, 0. 04。 This is because the fine wire filter is not fine, and easier to block ( 1 = 25。 4mm) 。 Under normal circumstances, the filter installation method is: the most coarse screen to the protective plate, while the fine mesh in the face of the cup machine. , for example, from the protective plate to the extruder filter arrangement may be 20 40 sieve sieve / / 60 sieve, because this kind of arrangement structure can prevent mesh blocked, and impurities can be 'into' protection plate inside the hole. If the fine mesh sieve of 80 or more, to prevent the rotation of the lid machine mesh by molten material movement or big impurities block, you can put a coarse mesh in front ( Such as the arrangement of 60/20 sieve / 20/100) 。 Because the device type from the sides look the same, so in order to ensure that they will not be reversed, sometimes using the symmetrical arrangement ( 20 60 sieve sieve / / 100 60 sieve sieve / / 20 sieve) 。
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