Maintenance to better operating cross-cutting machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
On how to better apply cross-cutting machine in terms of: a, to enjoy and maintenance work. First of all, the daily live to reach the designated position, the criterion is that smooth, clean and liquidation ( Clean, without sundry) In place to ensure that the equipment of the sliding parts in good condition. Followed by the maintenance work on rotating parts to stop the regular and irregular inspection ( Especially to the vulnerable parts to stop the real-time monitoring) 。 Implement a regular adjustment, change regularly, commutator and make detailed records, to extend the life of the equipment used. Third, local to the appliance to regular cleaning and inspection, promptly eliminate hidden dangers. Second, using high quality slitting knife and cross-cutting knife. Three, the degree of operating personnel's technical quality and progress, to do operation to control the local staff, no one may operate on its own without permission. Cut machine belongs to the carton processing machinery. Cutting machine cut machine is the cadre of corrugated cardboard consumption line stop board scrap cutting machinery and equipment, he directly affects the performance and the adjustment device of scrap cardboard cutting size can be accurately and line pressing can break and incision can lubrication and beautiful appearance. With corrugated cardboard consumption line forming, fumo machine and cutting machine three big functions, and cutting function is accomplished by slitting machine, cut machine.
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