Insulation sheet machine has the function

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Sheet machine is Ryan built up machinery co. , LTD. , on the basis of the single sheet unit processing modification of mechanical equipment, in the domestic and foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing technology, constant reform and innovation. Sheet moulding sheet machine is mainly used in the production of plastic, this is a new type of thermoset moulding plastic, in transportation, construction, electrical applications. Sheet machine is my company on the basis of the single sheet unit, absorption and digestion of advanced technology design and manufacturing. Sheet machine is suitable for the production of multilayer co-extrusion polypropylene ( PP) , polyethylene ( PE) , polystyrene, PS) Used to produce beverage cups, ice cream cups, such as yogurt cups, boxes and other packaging container sheet machine. Outstanding thermal insulation sheet machine function: sheet machine for polypropylene no space between the wall and then has excellent heat preservation function. If the demand is very good heat insulation function, we can supply the foam composite. Sheet machine features high strength weight ratio, good compressive strength; Outstanding shear strength; Very light weight.
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