In 2015 the development of the sheet machine four big trend

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Sheet machine is mainly used in the production of plastic sheet, the production of sheet is processing of disposable cups, boxes, plastic products, such as the main raw material. As the sheet is more and more widely, the scope of application of industry demand for sheet has been increased. Sheet machine manufacturing in our country level with the development of science and technology unceasing progress, promote the domestic plastic sheet and varieties of sheet of true and false of the enterprise. At present, the development trend of the sheet of the machine: 1, separate single screw extruder with vertical three-roller plate production line is saturated, the domestic most are using this sheet production line. Its production sheet also basically meet the need of production, but the quality of the part of the production of sheet can't achieve satisfactory results, such as produce HIPS sheet, low gloss. The film material the machine has the advantage of mature technology, simple configuration, easy to operate, cheap, easy maintenance and so on. 2, the electromagnetic dynamic extruder: advantage is energy-saving province, plasticizing uniform, etc. , can produce a variety of materials, price moderate. This is our country the first sheet machine, with Chinese characteristics. 3, double screw extrusion degradation sheet production line, the film material machine technology is not mature, some sheet machine enterprises is still in development. 4, multi-layer composite co-extrusion sheets because of its special performance is favored by the market, the characteristics of the material is of good quality, high hardness, surface light transparent. Monolithic materials have been unable to fully meet the needs of the market, so more and more manufacturers began to produce multi-layer co-extrusion sheet machine. Although multilayer composite sheet production line, investment is large, but the production of sheet is of good quality and the grade of the finished product is high, and can be processed recycled material, in fact more than single cost savings.
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