Eight of the advantages of automatic coating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
1, numerical control panel, completely independent set, three patterns can be stored, coating distance for each mode, coating speed is adjusted, and different people, different time when operating machinery, all coating parameters to ensure the highly consistent. Error is very small. 2, imported steel rod transmission, compared with traditional belt drive, run more smoothly, longer service life and stroke control more accurate. 3, digital display, maximum precision 1 um, subverts the traditional by macroscopic observation scale of micro machine, more accurate and more human nature, there are two units, MM, inches, suitable for different needs. 4, 304 stainless steel body, anticorrosion, strong and beautiful. 5, one machine, wire rod model ( Can be applied to all imports of domestic wire rod) , scraper model, effectively combines the merits, wire rod and the scraper with optional sex is stronger, superior operating experience. 6, upgrade features flexible, drying, vacuum any selective added according to demand, cost savings. 7, the machine warranty for two years, completely independent property, independent production, after-sale more secure. 8, vacuum system completely built-in, more beautiful, compact space savings.
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