Cutting machine using method and maintenance method

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Now the use of cutting machine is more and more frequent, but people will be tired and a series of operation is the machine? So for the cutting machine should be used properly, and to properly to maintain the life of the cutting machine can be extended. Here using method and maintenance of cutting machine, cutting machine operation requires user very know the correct method of use, to be effective, otherwise cannot be used. Suggest cutting machine equipped with 500 v power supply voltage regulator. Cutting machine before use should be around in front of the cutting knife at the ends of the spring groove add lubricant, and cutting knife up and down with the hand to ask a few times. To make the cutting smooth. Followed by the active part and connecting rod are in need of lubrication. When cutting machine is used the most prone to digital table) is not allowed. How to identify the problem? First of all check whether digital table is broken, digital table add and subtract functional specification table function is good. If published kept jumping, that means: (1) digital table set at zero position, the table will be kept jumping; (2) digital table can only accept voltage between 170 ~ 250 v, if the voltage deviation from the range, the digital meter is very easy to damage, also can produce kept jumping phenomenon. So I want to install a 500 v voltage regulator as well. (3) often wary of the connection cutting machine if there is a flash induction switch. If no flash that sensor is broken, to replace. Flash sync with blade, such as out of sync, will send out the edge of the paper is blocked by the blade, can adjust the belt pulley plate position is ok. Method of use should pay attention to more than three.
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