Cutting machine needs to be improved

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
To perfect China's machinery industry market environment, market system, form a modern machinery industry to provide a fair environment for the development of industry. Forming machinery industry involved in capital market, marketing, the secondary market by combining modern machinery industry market system; Attaches great importance to the assets reorganization project China's rights and interests; Establish an early warning system for the industry to protect; At present our country to some import tax policies implemented by the large machinery industry key equipment, key equipment manufacturing industry development to China machinery industry is unfair. Forms the enterprise core competitive ability, is the basic way of the development of Chinese slitting machine to improve enterprise core competitiveness, enterprises hold research and development ability, cost control, management innovation and the key elements of forming product, brand, technology, standards, manufacture, management and sales network core resources, forms the enterprise core competitiveness. Leading products comprehensive upgrade, the leading product comprehensive upgrade is forms the enterprise core competitive ability of the breakthrough point, is to consolidate the basis of the Chinese market, developing the international market; Famous enterprise brand cultivation, for example, in the case of market and users, first machinery industry brand core value is mainly manifested in the products of good quality, good service quality and product in the market for second-hand equipment high residual value of the three aspects, further is the charm of enterprise culture.
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