Cup machine production of plastic cup

by:Mengxing     2020-03-24
Cup is our main tool for fluid medium, when it comes to this type of glasses now, for a drink now drinking huge role, and the value of the plastic cup with reflected not only in here. At present the main use of in the city is given priority to with plastic cups, plastic cup that features of mainly depends on its corrosion resistance is strong, strong toughness and ductility and plasticity is good, can form different shapes, used to play the role of decoration and attract consumers. And the cost of plastic are generally low, so you can mass production, so the characteristic makes the form of plastic cup is the mainstream of the city. When it comes to plastic cups, in fact we have is the most familiar disposable plastic cup, this is by far the most used plastic cup with, is also a cup machine the main production of plastic products. As a plastic production machinery processing made disposable plastic cups, in fact it is also have certain characteristics, in terms of heat resistance, or better, to ensure that will not happen deformation when bearing hot water. And light weight, compact, more convenient to carry, this is the basic characteristics of disposable plastic cups, due to the characteristics of easy to use, it has been mass consumer recognition.
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