Cup machine equipment principles and classification

by:Mengxing     2020-03-14
A, equipment basic principle, from the principle of thermal sublimation cup printing machine, each dozen cup machine equipment is a heating element of different shapes, through a temperature controller and makes the control of the temperature of the heating element within a scale. At the same time in order to facilitate control sublimation cup machine time, plus a time controller, when to set the time, will be prompted to use. 2, from the circuit principle, a hot cup of machine equipment is a unique temperature controller and time controller to control an electric device, temperature and time to be able to set up afterwards, lid vendors would think that the temperature of the electric heating device on the set of values, after time will reach the set value, the active power off. Of course the heating element is based on different products cup machine, and made into cylindrical, rectangular plane, round face, round face shape, such as different products in order to make cup machine. Second, the equipment classification, based on cup machine different products: divided into roast cap machine, baking machine, baking cup machine, tablet ( As for surface cup pattern and universal dozen cup pattern, there is no essential difference, is actually the oven, artificially falsification of the name, so in this not do) ; 2, according to the time and temperature control methods: imitation were divided into control, digital control, double digital control; 3, due to the system of glass machine flat plate, the most widely used surface is also the most widely used, not only the cup printing machine for personal use, and garment factory, gift factory, pyrograph industries, are commonly used this kind of machine, so the tablet is in addition to a variety of structure satisfying different needs. Is divided into: ordinary straight pressing machine, high-pressure direct pressing machine, ordinary nod machine ( Due to the pressure less than the high pressure machine, high cost and, shall not apply and is rare) Nodded, Korean machine ( Take bias bearing, playing cup machine pressure can be very high) 。 4, on the other hand, is more than one cup machine equipment, common have 3 in 1 ( Tablet, baking cups, baking tray) , 4 in 1 ( Tablet, baking cups, baking, baking hat) Unity, no amount of equipment, for example 9 1, or even what 12 in 1, often showy. For example, to add a different diameter of baking cup mat, and even add a press badge on, and also added a uv lamp to cure crystal. But in practical application situation, too much of one, but is not convenient in use. Individual all-in-one machine, it is in very low rent, area advantage when it is limited, if not area limits, all-in-one machine, playing different cup machine products, because of the need to change the parts form repeat conversion to match.
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