Compound coating weight control system online

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
With the continuous development of printing and packaging industry, many local equipment manufacturers of coated composite mechanical structure and performance is improved or new design, can improve the mechanical properties, but no one to carry on the dynamic on-line detection and the coating weight control, commonly used coating and coating method mainly has the following two kinds: one kind is coated institutions including the applicator roll and scraper, applicator roll part into material of coating, a trough in the coating by the applicator roll is transferred to the substrate; Another roller coated institutions, including the applicator roll, quantitative roller and pressure roller, pressure roller and the quantitative roll bonding, coating roll part into material of coating, coating roll transfer coating to the quantitative roller, coating roller and quantitative roller adopts different speed drive, wipe divide evenly through the speed difference between the two roller coating, and through the pressure control between the two roller coating, base material between the roller and quantitative roller run, under the action of roller, quantitative roller transfer coating to the substrate. The coating weight control is in the first coating method by adjusting the distance between the scraper and applicator roll surface, the second mode of coating in the coating weight control is realized by adjusting the roller pressure between, they don't have a way to quantify control factors or difficult to real-time control, difficult to guarantee the precision of the coating weight, it is difficult to meet the requirements of process, can't even use. An online coating weight control system, including multiple roll coating, the roll coating mechanism connected with servo motor, give more roller coating mechanism for gum is with glue machine, described the servo motor servo drive connections through a PLC controller, described in the PLC controller has the man-machine communication interface, the PLC controller and the control connection with glue machine, PLC controller control connected with sound and light alarm, and described how roller coating mechanism corresponding set of liquid level sensor, coated width detection institutions and length of coating inspection agencies, liquid level sensor, and described coating width detection institutions and coated length detection institutions connected to the PLC controller. Multiple roll coating mechanism of coating glue tank injection has the coating liquid, through the transmission between roller, coating liquid coating to the substrate. The applicator roll speed decided coating thickness and its speed depends on the servo motor, servo drive and servo motor through is regulated by the PLC controller. Directly measuring the thickness of the coating is difficult, and therefore through the liquid level sensor in measuring coating glue tank coating liquid level height in order to obtain with adhesive, coating width detection institutions and detection institutions can measure the area of the coating, coating length operations by PLC controller, use glue amount divided by coating amount of coating area within a certain time can be get, and calculates the proceeds of coating weight comparing with reference value. When the deviation is too large, and alarm by sound and light alarm immediately, when calculating the coating weight is greater than the reference value obtained, PLC controller to the automatic control of the speed of the servo drive, the applicator roll speed to quickly reduce the amount of coating, the slow conversely, thus ensure the coating weight accuracy, and realize the automation of coating weight control. Generally coated width less than the base material width, it is more than by roll coating glue slot width between two rubber pieces to decide, it can direct input after artificial measurement system, can also use a ultrasonic ranging sensor installed on one piece of damper, which is used to measure the distance between the two pieces of baffle, complete the automatic detection. Concrete, coating width detection institutions including ultrasonic ranging sensor and meter, ultrasonic ranging sensor described installed on one plastic piece. With glue when rising along the meter device starts, until the next end with glue up along the counter. Described in the liquid level sensor for ultrasonic liquid level sensor, the liquid level sensor installed in the roller coating institutions more glue tank above. With ultrasonic liquid level sensor to detect glue tank liquid level, at the same time through the PLC to determine the level of the last time with glue and the glue blending when the liquid level, through the two level difference is calculated with single adhesive weight, but also to provide with glue machine with glue.
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