China's power lithium battery industry is 'battery recycling layout' era

by:Mengxing     2021-01-12
China power lithium battery ushered in a whole industry & other; Battery recycling large layout & throughout; Era. Whether to recovery for the traditional business bond's circulation, green beauty, or CATL, byd, bick, traditional power battery production enterprises, have & other; Strong-arm reaction & throughout; , in the field of power battery recycling cloth son quickly, land grab. With digital display, the future 3 - in the future 5 years, power battery will gradually come retired peak, recycling market size can reach tens of billions of dollars.

GB / T 33598 - 2017 'standard of vehicle power battery recycling and dismantling' ( Hereinafter referred to as: & other; Dismantling specification & throughout; )

” Dismantling specification & throughout; Is China's first national standards about power battery recycling, worldwide, is also released earlier an industry standard. Although the industry standard in formally promulgated on May 12 this year, will take effect on December 1, 2017. The national standards for stable cross will be in new energy automobile production increased rapidly, drive power battery demand increased dramatically, power battery recycling market will soon celebrate small peak, new energy vehicles under the background of sustainable development faces great challenge. Tong-zhu zhang said China auto standardization technology committee secretariat, power battery recycling prospect, but still belongs to the early stage, in this aspect at present including new energy car companies, power battery, battery recycling enterprises have started to layout. The code for the dismantling of the stable cross is domestic first national standards about power battery recycling. It is predicted that by 2018, cumulative waste power lithium battery scrap rate in our country will be more than 170000 tons, at present our country automobile power battery recycling work problems, there are still to be solved urgently have issued policies and standards of the state to conquer the difficulties. The stable cross will be based on the old power battery recycling use of the published standards for preaching and release standard research progress of related content, emphasized the power battery recycling enterprise access to the threshold of the technical conditions and requirements, the safety of the power battery recycling, and standardization has made a clear requirements, and set up standard pointed out the direction for the future, and also for new energy vehicles, battery recycling enterprise technology research and development put forward the principle of recycling related, it will promote power battery recycling work norms, safety, vigorously promote our country the development of electric vehicles with old power battery recycling process, to make a great contribution to our country's environmental protection and resource management.
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