Automatic machinery enterprises in our country faces the competition in the market

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Our domestic automatic packaging machinery market competition condition is characterized by high, medium and low three levels. Low-end market mainly large Numbers of small and medium-sized enterprises, producing a large number of low level and low level and low price products, these firms to make distribution in zhejiang, jiangsu, guangdong and shandong and other regions. The mid-market is a certain economic strength and new product development ability of enterprises, but their products more generic, less innovation, the overall technical level is not high, and the low level of automation products, unable to enter high-end market; And high-end market has appeared in the can production, high-end products in the enterprise, their production of some products has reached international advanced level, with a large multinational company to the similar products in the domestic market and some positive competition, overseas markets in general in our country is still in the fierce competition in low-end market, imports of high-end market still more, with the continuous development of domestic new products, new technology constantly breakthroughs, and significant price advantage, domestic equipment imported equipment in our country, automatic packaging machinery market share will decrease year by year, instead increase the export capacity of domestic equipment. In the increasingly fierce competition in the industry market environment, if failed to accurately judge the development of the industry market dynamic and development trend, upgrade the technology and business model innovation in time, with the constant development of small and medium-sized enterprises and other foreign manufacturers to speed up to build a factory in China localization, the automatic machinery enterprises in our country the competition in the market risk will increase. 1. Scale, collectivize concentrated enterprise collectivization development, production capacity continue to scale, and in pursuit of economies of scale. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the current capital, strong technical strength is not enough, should not blindly import production line, can be used into large machinery enterprises to provide spare parts production mode. 2. Open up a new prospect products are exported to China food and packaging machinery technology, superior quality and competitive price moderate, very suitable for economic conditions in developing countries and regions, exports to these countries and regions in the future prospect, part of the equipment can also exports to developed countries. 3. To improve product technology content is not good as the development of the enterprise, it is impossible to go for a long time. Mechanical and electrical integration, intelligence, to the product information development, the introduction of new technology, accelerate the enterprise ISO9000 certification process. Further improve technical level, stability and reliability of equipment. Face up to reality, the positive change in this state, improve product development ability, form their own ability to innovate, to catch up. 4. To strengthen new product development innovation food packaging machinery in our country are mostly developed on the basis of reference of imported equipment, with foreign gap bigger or blank products, should actively introduce technology, digestion and absorption, by gradually through to a comprehensive grasp. To have certain basis but has certain disparity with the similar foreign products adopt the method of learning, to strengthen the related key technologies and core technology research, encourage the development of innovation. 5. The development demand of food packaging machinery with the domestic demand expansion of packaged foods, as well as the increase of export demand, food packages installed from price increases peeking in the big tide of the market business opportunities. From years of development experience summary, once upon a time in our country food machinery industry knowledge of simple manufacturing process, not many own products, just for a repetitive manufacturing, in this state, want to close industry high-end is unrealistic. So, must make the necessary changes, in terms of products, efforts should be made to play their own advantages, to create a family, have the technology content of products, and will do the its, do big, do strong, do fine, by the spirit, can the enterprise development, thus gradually based on the industry high-end field. In general is still in the fierce competition in low-end market in our country, imports are still more high-end market, with the continuous development of domestic new product, new technology constantly breakthroughs, and significant price advantage, domestic equipment imported equipment automatic packing machinery in our country market share will decrease year by year, instead increase the export capacity of domestic equipment.
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