Analysis of the stretch film machine winding mechanism is what circumstance?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Stretch film machine is a device with electrical packaging machinery, using stretch film tension winding various bulk object or package, packing into a whole. Suitable for rapid transit or storage, strong adaptability, high efficiency low energy consumption, reduce labor intensity, the packaging can have the effect of dustproof, moisture, cleaning, reduce packaging scratch the surface. Wrap film receive a volume institutions including on winding frame rotation setting winding roller, the right side of the winding roll edge set scroll winding station, whose character is: the top of the winding roller set scroll receiving station, winding roller of roller on the activity set of connecting plate, connecting plate are driven by a motor; In scroll winding station setting accept reel bracket on the inclined guide rail, scroll on the right side has on board, on board the connection on the slider, slide block and the slide block cylinder connections, the scroll receiving station setting accept scrolls from left to hold the plate, on the left to connect with the plate cylinder, is at the top of the inclined guide has a horizontal guide rail, and to the left of the horizontal guide rail to limit position of the left plate, right right plate of upper limit position, the right plate connection on a cylinder. Stretch film machine has simple structure design is reasonable, can achieve wrap film quickly switch receive a volume, improve the work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.
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