AMB inverter in the plastic plate and cup machine production line of the application ( Below)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
3, the tail: local flow has been winding plastic sheet from rolling unit in boxes machine required by small cylinder winding piles, facilitate stacking, transportation, and suppress finished units use! Winding with a 2. 2 kw motor drive, three-roll rolling sheet machine with 2. 2 kw inverter, according to the speed of sheet forming, curled up in a timely manner, and maintain consumer synchronization! Inverter in this speed control effect! AMB inverter, small size, easy to remove! Second, suppressed finished units in finished product units, chose a AMB30KW inverter, plastic plate by heating plate of the unit after hardening by extrusion product mould agile, sheet machine caused a finished product, by walking to package fold system! From the Angle of mechanical transmission, analyze the frequency converter in the use of the unit. Suppress the finished product is two overlapping with hardening plastic blow molding mold, and mold the overlap is still up and down, it's need to use the CAM mechanism, make a cup of machine up and down the motor rotating static into static! CAM mechanism and still a lot of inertia, need the inverter has a lot of moment, at the same time also need to configure the brake unit and brake resistance! AMB inverter in this cup machine full set of production equipment unit to bear the change of load has been, boxes captain time not continue running, not fail! Once again confirm the AMB inverter as domestic measure of the frequency converter of high moral character image! Three, packaging folding unit system of the unit is to complete the finished product during the course of walking active overlap together and become, AMB inverter in the unit only walking speed regulating role! The equipment factory in before applying AMB inverter adopted excitation control motor, because not enough solid excitation motor and precision is not high, often make consumption can not meet the process request, the engineer and the machinery factory in AMB company with the cooperation of the engineering technique personnel, part has carried on the frequency of all control for innovation, AMB inverter performance is stable, the input torque, skills to strong, deep to win the trust of the customers! Customers will also be equipped with AMB inverter board make a cup of consumption line exports to the northwest of Asia and Africa and other countries, won the good economic benefits, AMB inverter, as in the consumer line drive local and its the effect that cannot replace
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