Air bubble film machine which corner can see in life

by:Mengxing     2020-06-05
Polyethylene air-cushion film ( Also called polyethylene bubble film machine) Which is divided into ordinary polyethylene bubble film pattern and compound polyethylene cushion film crew, is one of the current widespread use of packaging materials, not only has good shock resistance, impact resistance, thermal resistance, and corrosion resistance, good transparency, widely used in household postal parcel, precision instruments, bicycles, polyurethane furniture, and other packaging. Due to the air cushion film layer filled with air, so the body is light, transparent, elastic, with sound insulation, shockproof antiwear performance, widely used in electronics, instruments, ceramics, handicrafts, household appliances, since the dealership, kitchen, furniture and paint products, glass products, precision instrument extent cushion packaging, etc. Can be made into bubble bags, kraft paper bubble envelope bag, car sun block, thermal insulation cushion, heat insulation material. Mixing different additives in the plastic raw materials, can make more antistatic etc. Various kinds of special air cushion film. Anti-static air cushion film, used for packing electronic components, components, such as plate, CARDS, etc. , can prevent electrostatic and can have the effect of buffer vibration control.
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