'Working principle of forming machine.'

by:Mengxing     2021-03-16
When the molding machine is started for the first time, the molding cylinder is heated for 5-10 minutes. When the molding cylinder's temperature reaches 120℃ or higher, you can press the motor start button. The motor's power is transmitted to the crankshaft after being decelerated by the flywheel through the belt. The crankshaft drives the connecting rod, the piston, and the punch to reciprocate. After the forming machine's oil pressure is expected, the biomass raw material is added to the feeding hopper. The raw material is sucked into the punch sleeve by its weight and the vacuum degree generated by the punch sleeve when the punch moves to the bottom dead center. When the punch moves to the top dead center, the biomass material can be pressed into the molding cylinder. Under the change of the molding cylinder's inner wall surface, the biomass is extruded into a rod shape and extruded from the molding cylinder.

'Routine maintenance of molding machine.'
Mechanical equipment is made of metal, so we must pay attention to anti-oxidation in maintenance. The conditions for oxidation are water and oxygen because they cannot isolate air, so they can only prevent the machine from being oxidized if kept in a dry environment. The molding machine equipment has a device called an air filter. As long as the kit's moisture is maintained, it can control the entire environment's drying. The first step in routine maintenance should be to check whether there is water inside the equipment and rust. If rust has occurred, the rust should be cleared and repainted. The second part is to check whether the whole machine's exterior is damaged or whether the screws at the contact parts of various essential elements are loose. This kind of inspection can prevent the safety hazards caused by the machine's damage, which should be the top priority of daily maintenance.
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