What to do if it is incomplete plastic vacuum machine delivery?
If your order is missing any items or parts, please notify us as soon as possible. Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co.,Ltd.is committed to your satisfaction first and foremost. You're covered by the our Guarantee.

Mengxingis great at incorporating designing, manufacturing and promotion of vacuum forming machine. Various in styles, Mengxing's pressure forming machine can meet the needs of different customers. The raw fabrics adopted in the making of Mengxingplastic vacuum forming machine meet the mandatory national standards. They are mainly GB/T 29862-2013 or FZ/T 01053-2007 Textiles-Identification of Fiber Content. Its accessories such as the heater, contractor, and relay, are all imported from Germany, ensuring the high reliability and long service life of the product. The product has a one-key-clear function. The images or words on the screen can be easily erased by clicking the clear button, which is very convenient for users. With a full servo drive, it has a reduced clamping force, ensuring the fast and precise clamping work.

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