What reason causes sheet machine noise is too large

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Sheet machine sheet can be used in the manufacture of different materials, mainly used in the manufacture of plastic sheet. Mechanism of sheet made of sheet is widely used in food, architecture, medicine, chemical industry, etc. The characteristics of the deviation and is easy to operate, simple structure, high material utilization rate and so on. In the process of using sheet machine, running smoothly, there will be no vibration phenomenon, the noise is little. Once encountered sheet machine appeared a lot of noise, specification sheet machine problems, should immediately stop, trying to solve the problem. So, what reason causes sheet machine noise is too big? A, 1, rotor shaft motor parts with rolling bearing wear or low machining precision; 2, rotor shaft bending. 2, V belt transmission part 1, drive shaft at both ends fixed not firm or clearance is too large; 2, low pulley manufacturing precision; 3, installation is unqualified. Three low 1, gear, gear transmission work location precision, error; 2, the gear meshing is bad; 3, lack of lubricating oil; 4, bearing shaft badly worn.
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