What is the advantage of disposable plastic cup machine?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-07
1. This machine is a high degree of automation, production speed, lid machine by installing different mold class produce different products, achieve the goal of one machine. 2. Imported famous brand electrical components, vertical sheet machine, pneumatic components, operation is stable and reliable quality, long service life. 3. Advanced mold design unique, thermoplastic plastic sheet is heated in the mold, column sierra, compressed air cavity forming, the sheet against mould, blow out after shear automatic products, the machine has compact structure, air pressure, molding, shear cooling, blow out finished products, and other functions based on a model, make the product process short, high finished product level, accord with national health standards. 4. The machine clamping die guide system with hydraulic drive, to achieve multi-usage function effect, work step control components using high sensitive approach switch, relay control drive location, advanced structure reasonable, convenient and flexible conversion products. To ensure the machine running stable, strong guide bush guide pillar mechanical parts such as the internal and external, oblique type plate machine flat grinding fine processing and assembly. 5. Feeding performed by the precision of the overrunning clutch, the structure adjustment, accurate system reliable operation without noise, wear small cup machine, running speed feeding motor speed is controlled by inverter, reach the control of the machine running on the frequency, the process of high precision, large range, quick adjustment. 6. Oven adopts pneumatic drawer the overall structure, convenient operation and maintenance, heater USES the embedded ceramic infrared radiation board, heating is quick and efficient, and achieve the purpose of sheet uniform heating temperature, temperature automatic control points and eight area. This machine is suitable for production of PP, PE, PS, HIPS and other plastic products, plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature of positive pressure forming, made from a variety of cups, boxes, bowls, such as thin walled containers, such as milk cups, jelly cups, ice cream cups, disposable drinking cup, li riceses leave, snack box, food box, etc.
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