What function can make cup machine?

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Lid factory house for you in this paper, the cup machine function, playing a cup machine can take advantage of the structure of the cup will be automatic system cup machine to produce glass nested, efficiency is much higher than manual operation, at the same time to ensure the cleanliness: one, the main part is transmission belt, pulley, motor, inverter, blower. Transmission belt: with interval between each multiple belt as the transmission channel of the cup, distance between adjacent belt is smaller than the diameter at the top. The distance between the adjacent belt pulley: control to adapt to the different type of cup. Four, motor, power plant, the fuselage system cup machines, if necessary please contact us. Five, frequency converter, adjusting system of machine transmission speed to match the cup machine production rate. Six, blower: central fuselage has a row of outlet, respectively will be out of the transmission channel is unqualified products and the glass fell on the fuselage bottom blowing and the rear fuselage.
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