What commodity system cup machine can make?

by:Mengxing     2020-03-13
The commonly used disposable tableware in our life, a cup of yogurt, ice cream cups, such as li riceses leave are made by making a cup of mechanism is made and be become. From the cup machine in the production of paper cups with well protected against dampness, system cup machines preservation, cup machine thermal, visual, sterilization, corrosion, etc. Compared with plastic cups, disposable paper cups paper materials, processing performance and printing performance, health and other performance better. System cup machines in addition to the manufacture of disposable consumer products, at the same time can also processing and pharmaceutical, light industry, textile, tourism, toys and other plastic packaging products. Cup machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, cup making equipment and sheet transfer mechanism. Sheet transfer shall be set up at one end system cup machines at the exit of the fuselage, the other end by sliding connecting mechanism and the fuselage connection; Sheet machine transmission mechanism is the chain transmission mechanism, chain conveyor belt front by sliding mechanism and connected to the fuselage, after cup machine connected chain row seat, chain row seat by sliding connecting mechanism and the fuselage connection; Sliding mechanism including chain conveyor belt pulley and in front of the fuselage and the roller track.
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