What are the best sheet machine in China

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
At present, all kinds of thermoforming containers and cup, bowl, box has been widely used. As people living standard rise, the market is becoming more and more high to the requirement that the grade of the product, especially in the market for the shelf life of long high barrier food packaging containers and cup, bowl, demand is growing. But to produce the first step to meet the requirements of the above products must be 2 to 5 cup screw sheet machine coordinate system equipment to achieve the above requirements on the quality of the product, but both double screw and can produce high cut off products five screw sheet machine cost is very expensive, especially the latter more make private enterprises. Only a five screw from domestic material machine will be millions of dollars, let alone imports. And the domestic material for machine production quality is not stable. So, what are the best of the domestic sheet machine? Currently developed a sheet machine for making glass membrane device can well solve this problem, this device has been widely used in domestic manufacturers, Ryan yong xu machinery is one of them.
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