Use and characteristics of small mixer

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
one Small mixer's function is to make products to meet customer demand for quality and color, in order to reach the customer's demand, then the experimental results and its ratio in the production line, small mixer is to experiment with agent of raw materials and cooperation with mixing equipment. Small mixer applies to rubber products factory of all kinds of rubber, adhesive tape, rubber roller, tires, rubber sole, oil seal, etc. Miscellaneous pieces of silicone rubber, footwear, etc. Small mixer features: small mixer mixing tank use high-grade special steel production, appearance is, the wear-resisting steel treated with hard chrome plating, have higher wear resistance, higher than the life of the traditional mixer type 2 times. Small mixer mixing tank can be dumped type and elevating, mixing shaft leakage is to use dry mechanical shaft seal to make it clean, environmental protection.
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