Stretch film machine is pure air filling method

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Stretch film machine filling pure pure empty method and the graph is a typical pure empty empty method filling method principle. The pressure inside the filling system should be lower than the atmospheric pressure. Filling valve sealing block in the arrival of the vessel at the same time also to open valve, due to the communion with vacuum chamber of the container in the vacuum state, liquid can quickly draw in container, until the filling into the reserve level. Usually the last there will be amount of liquid is pumped into the discharge pipe, recycle recycled as it enters the overflow tank. Method of vacuum filling process is: vacuum bottle; Into the liquid; Stop into liquid; Residual liquid reflux ( The exhaust residue in the vacuum chamber this authorization together with your completed to the liquid storage box) 。 Vacuum method can improve the filling speed, to reduce the time of the product is exposed to air, easy to extend the preservation time, its condition at the same time also limits the dissipation of effective components from the product. Vacuum method is suitable for filling the larger viscosity liquid such as oil, syrup, should not be more exposed to the air liquid containing live element, such as vegetable juice, juice, and toxic liquid ( Such as pesticides, chemical liquid medicine) And so on. Above wrap film packaging machine is pure the air filling method, want to learn more, the working principle of the stretch film machine, you can call us!
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