Sheet of the unit production process' Figure 】

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Sheet of the unit production process is shown in figure l. After mixing with good LDPE raw materials such as the join extruder hopper, cutting of screw conveyor, and heating and melting, the metering pump in central barrel, in turn, add monoglycerides and foaming agent, finally by ring opening mould molten material. In order to obtain smooth and soft surface of the sheet, it is necessary to reduce the export before the mold material temperature to 95 ℃ or so, in order to improve the strength of molten material, avoid foaming gas break through the billet surface. Just export module for tubular billet, after split winding. Sheet machine molding process of the main technical difficulties are as follows: 1, the mouth mould needs to keep enough pressure, in order to avoid molten material before export touch hath any foam; 2, the width of the product, extrusion, liquid pressure, circular mouth diameter and cooling stereotypes drum diameter are there exists a close relationship between, make reform harder.
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