Sheet machine product thickness can be adjustable

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Sheet machine, it also has a characteristic is: the product thickness can be adjustable lid section machine is easy to control the thickness of the product. Fan: central fuselage has a row of outlet, system cup machine mold to respectively will be out of the transmission channel is unqualified products and the glass fell on the fuselage bottom blowing and the rear fuselage. Thermosetting plastic molding method, are mainly thermosetting plastic made into all kinds of plastic products mainly molding equipment. Lid machine after 100 years of development, now more rich, the kinds of plastic extrusion machinery for no matter now or in the future, cup machine hydraulic system is widely used in plastic processing industry of one of the models. System cup machines, important is that the mechanical properties of sheet transfer mechanism end located within a cup machine at the exit of the fuselage, plastic thermoforming machine at the other end by sliding institutions and fuselage cohesion, plastic on the vent screw after three process; In the first order after compression, heating achieve basic plastic state; Basic plasticizing the plastic into the exhaust section, horizontal sheet machine, the exhaust section of screw groove, suddenly and a vacuum pump suction, pressure sharply lowered to negative pressure state. A wire cup machine production equipment of plastic melt in the compressed gas and gasification of volatiles in the melt foaming, plastic thermoforming machine under exhaust section of screw mixing bubble burst, milk tea lid machine escaped from vent gas by vacuum pump.
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