Sheet machine process high market share

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
We know that the plastic sheet machine is a kind of adding thickener, packing, release agent, polyester resin, impregnation of equipment such as curing agent, the glass fiber yarn, on both sides, with mulch, form a kind of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester composite sandwich structure of production equipment. Plastic sheet molding process is the most varieties in the field of polymer processing, the applicable scope and the production efficiency is the fastest, most versatile, production major way of processing, plays an important role in the industrial production. Plastic sheet machine applies to all polymer materials, its products include pipe, plate, sheet, film, such as cable coating layer, and so on complex occupies ninety percent market share. Plastic sheet machine is the most widely used in plastic machinery technology, with the rapid development of emerging industry today is inseparable from the plastic sheet equipment in the market full of opportunities and has opportunities and challenges. At the same time, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, tomorrow and expectations in the future, in all of the technical achievements and the innovation of plastic sheet machine, will have unlimited business opportunities development market, gradually to expand overseas markets.
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