Sheet machine has a good development momentum

by:Mengxing     2020-04-10
Since reform and opening up, the sheet machine, plastic machinery industry in China's rapid growth and development for our country national economy play a role in the growing, after years of effort, the sheet machine, system cup machines in China continuously increase in the influence of plastic machinery in the world, in recent years, the sheet machine, plastic machinery in China in addition to meet the demand of domestic development, also exported to foreign countries, especially in Africa, in the midst of a massive industrial sewing African countries, demand for sheet machine, plastic machinery is rising. In spite of this, the boxes machine, plastic machinery industry in our country still has the independent innovation ability is insufficient, costliness, with less intelligent mechanical products which is sheet machine, plastic machinery in China has yet to catch up with and surpass the foreign advanced level of sheet machine, plastic machinery. But because our country sheet machine, plastic machinery products has been linked to strategic new industries are closely linked, with the advantages of energy conservation and emissions reduction and efficient security, so still have their own market space. At present, our country is at the development stage of industrialization, informationization, marketization, vigorously develop high-tech industry in our country, under the guidelines of sheet machine, lid, such as plastic machinery has the huge development potential and broad space for development, it will also be sheet machine, plastic machinery industry development in our country to build a good environment for development.
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