Sheet machine equipment which goal should be to future

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
Modern sheet machine, plastic extrusion machinery industry to develop all kinds of energy saving in the new technology has been used in all walks of life, whether extruder screw the structure improvement of itself, or is the application of new type of drive motor and all kinds of new type of heating technology, the industry technology development trends are showing the future sheet machine, plastic extrusion equipment development goals - — High output, low energy, optimal plasticizing. The efficiency of extrusion processing technology in the continuous development in recent years, its underlying processing technology is widely used in various construction and municipal facilities tube extrusion processing application market. Transmission system from the extruder screw, barrel, mould heating and cooling technology innovation, and proposed the new molding design and improvement, playing cup machine manufacturing suppliers to catch up with the international advanced level of processing technology from all aspects. Lid machine, sheet machinery manufacturing enterprises are now actively developed suitable for PET, PLA sheet and the secondary material production with energy saving, high efficiency and high yield of double screw extrusion sheet machine, greatly reduce the energy consumption in the process of the crystallization needed for drying, step by step to achieve high yield, low energy, optimal plasticizing production targets.
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