Sheet machine drives the thermoforming packaging industry flourish

by:Mengxing     2020-03-10
With the continuous increase of domestic demand for plastics, the demand for packaging plastic sheet is also increasing, its usage is also becoming more and more widely, the development prospect is very considerable. At present, the production of plastic sheet machine machine is sheet machine, there are two kinds of commonly used method, it is a kind of rolling process, the other is a extrusion method. Along with our country's sheet manufacturing level unceasing enhancement, makes the new sheet processing technology, new materials to the sheet on the full play, promote the domestic sheet machine and varieties of sheet of the enterprise. In the future, sheet machine will toward a more intelligent, the direction of diversification. Sheet machine industry in China with the development of the packing sheet, roll out the new configuration and equipment, the sheet and sheet machine enterprise common efforts of the whole industry of plastic sheet will toward a higher level of development, prompting thermoforming packaging industry flourish.
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