Shallow reading film composite machine in the packaging industry status

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
In composite laminating machine packaging industry development under the premise of all the time, still can see the film resistance in composite machine packaging industry, enterprises could not cope with the changes of the situation, the industry doesn't fit the thought idea and the situation; Technology innovation ability is weak, pause slow technology, new product development has not been fundamentally break out of the situation of imitation research tracking competitiveness is not strong, the scope of economic increase, the efficiency gains are still important to rely on. Fumo machine film composite extrusion machine packaging industry in the face of many unfavorable factors, the most urgent is to change the composite laminating machine packaging industry development of each enterprise in the method, the enterprises must stand in the new end up review and solve all kinds of conflicts and problems, the idea of development, to strengthen the independent innovation, strengthen market awareness, strongly promote the domestic film composite machine packaging industry development. To change film composite packaging machine industry, promote the development of packaging machinery industry in marching step at the same time pay attention to the developmental trend of packaging machinery. With the rapid development of dairy industry in our country, the dairy manufacturers competition intensifying, and that in turn led to the coherent processing and composite laminating machine packaging industry's development. The focus of the domestic dairy industry structure homogeneity serious competition is concentrated in the milk for preemption, market and technology promotion, except a handful of dairy giants, most of the dairy companies were looking for the will itself limited resources advantage into the economic benefits of the market effective method, for living and development space. In the increasingly fierce market competition, a good yogurt packaging certainly bring a good sales, so packaging technology is also in the improvement and innovation, always adapt to the development of dairy industry and customer requirements. Dairy composite laminating machine packaging industry started the war. Excessive packaging machinery in China for foreign high-end technology rely on, has serious restricted the packing industry continuous and stable development in our country. Increasingly fierce competition in food packaging machinery, food packaging machinery in the future will cooperate with industry automation, promote the level of overall improve packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency and low cost of food packaging equipment. And food packaging machinery is stepping up efforts in independent innovation, and gradually introduced the production and operation of the 'big strong small designed' situation, the formation of 'differential' competition in the market system.
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