One of the five mainframe system cup machines plastic injection moulding machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
From the professional point of view, plastic injection moulding machine is a thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic one of the important molding equipment of all kinds of plastic products. The system of plastic injection molding machine models and injection molding is a boxes forming a way, this is called the plastic injection molding machine equipment, injection molding machine for short. Ordinary plastic injection moulding machine is the most widely used one, processing thermoplastic single screw or plunger water temperature and vertical or Angle type conversion a plastic injection machine. Sheet machine the other categories of injection molding machine such as thermosetting plastic, foam structure, many components, active and exhaust type such as injection molding machine is made by machine products processing data and characteristics and common plastic injection moulding machine has a big difference between some injection moulding machine. System of plastic injection molding machine in 2011 is currently about 30% of the world's the use of plastic materials in plastic injection mould, plastic injection machine, accounting for 40% of the total input of plastic machinery, and has become a plastic processing industry representing an important local machine _ plastic machinery industry, is a plastic machinery products, the fastest increase species, consumption of a maximum number of the machine.
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