Multi-axis machine laminating the change process of embossing roller

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Multi-axis laminating machine, including the body, the body the front end of the installation of conveyor roller, embossing roller and the auxiliary roller, conveyor roller, auxiliary roller below and in front of the embossing roller, conveyor roller rear installation article several transmission roller and heating drying mechanism, described in the embossing roller for multiple, multiple embossing roller installed on the turning block, turning block installed on the regulating shaft, adjust the adjustment screw shaft connection. Than loosen the auxiliary roller, embossing roller can be relatively regulating shaft rotation, thus easy to choose the suitable grain embossing roller, chosen after adjust the auxiliary contact roller and embossing roller, embossing film can be carried out on work. The original embossing roller not removed from the body, the whole process convenient and quick replacement of embossing roller, to improve the production efficiency. Laminating machine, it includes the frame, cold roller, pressure roller, feeding agencies and die head, whose character is: the two groups mentioned roller mechanism, are set up in cold roll on both sides before and after, set at the bottom of the racks have described walking round, walking wheel at the bottom of the Settings are described and the combination of guide rail. The utility model laminating machine, pressure roller mechanism and walk through two rounds of interaction on the guide rail moved back and forth, realized by spraying items positive, negative, or double all can realize film processing, its simple structure, strong applicability, and can save the company factory building space, reduce capital investment, maximum utilization of equipment resources.
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