Mix machine small daily use common sense

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
First, before use should pay attention to the user's wear, do not wear loose clothing, keep three tight ( Tight tight tight collar, cuffs, hem) Want to take protective skin ( Safety glasses, ear protector, mask) 。 Second, check the equipment of switch, stop switch is normal, if happen with bad phenomenon to report as soon as possible. Third, must concentrate at work, can't do other things, can't into your hands and head inside the machine. Fourth, in strict accordance with the proportion of masterbatch, toner, additives for mixing materials. Fifth, separate materials for different colors. Sixth, to turn off the power supply in time after use, cleaning equipment and the surrounding environment. Seventh, mix machine maintenance time to shut down, and suspend 'equipment is maintenance, do not switch on.
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