Membrane material migration system cup machine work?

by:Mengxing     2020-03-11
Cup machine packaging process including filling, packing, sealing and other major processes, as well as the related process, before and after such as cleaning, piled up, remove, and so on. Adopt mechanical packaging products can improve the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and meet the needs of mass production, meet the requirements of clean sanitation. Cup machine packaging machinery has a variety of classification method, according to the function can be divided into single-use packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine; According to the USES can be divided into the inner packaging machine and packaging machine; According to the degree of automation can be divided into half automata, automata, etc. Some customers reflect to us, making a cup of machine at work, membrane materials are prone to offset, lead to can't normal feed. Here, under the simple introduction to solve method. If adjust the roller position and tension balance beam cannot solve, can be solved by adjusting the Angle of the triangle. If the upper membrane deviating from the clip material chain, can adjust the triangle clockwise, if the lower membrane migration clamp material chain, can adjust the triangle counterclockwise.
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