Making a cup of machine production technology scheme of principles to be followed

by:Mengxing     2020-03-11
Cup machine of production process plan should follow the following principles: 1 cup machine production process, the system should follow the 'advanced technology, reasonable economy, comprehensive utilization of resources, the development of advanced distributed control system', the principle of the unity of the computer control parameters of the whole production line, make the product quality in high level and stable at the same time, reduce material loss. Organize the production and business activities in strict accordance with industry standards, effective control of product quality, provide customers with quality products and excellent service. 2, in terms of process equipment configuration, according to the principle of energy conservation, adopts the new energy-saving equipment, according to the principle of environmental protection, the environmental protection equipment, in order to meet the requirements of plastic cup machine project product plan. 3, according to the system of the project, system cup machines should not only meet the requirements of products, but also strengthen personnel training, strict quality management, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the operation process, improve product percent of pass. 4, production and processing of cup machine should follow the 'high starting point, high quality, professional, scale' principle. The active adoption of new technology, new technology and efficient equipment, using high quality raw materials, improve product quality, production of high value-added products, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises. 5, the project construction implementation of the 'three simultaneity' principle, pay attention to environmental protection, occupational health and safety, fire protection, energy saving measures.
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