Making a cup of machine brings to life?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-05
With the rapid development of social science and technology, the living standard of people is becoming more and more good, more and more devices into our lives, in our life is short of little not disposable cups, cup machine is to use the system for production. Cup machine equipment of production greatly satisfy the needs of individuals and businesses. Cup machine and great changes have taken place in our life, it does not require massive manpower, only need to make the operator and machine, and glass making environmental protection, convenient, easy to use. Conducive to the sustainable development strategy. So what is the structure of the system cup machines? Cup machine by feeding, heating box, forming machine, rack, air compressor, etc, characteristics of 1. High efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection. 2. Electrical integration have manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three operation function. 3. The whole machine set piece, heating, stretching, forming, trimming one-time finish. Use range is very wide, tableware, cold drink cup, yogurt cup, jelly cup, ice cream cups, takeout containers, and so on are inseparable from the system cup machines, widely used in aviation, office, hotel, bar, household, etc.
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