Make a cup of vendors would briefly the composition of plastic extruder

by:Mengxing     2020-03-18
Playing cup vendors would briefly describe the paper cup machine to produce paper cups paper cup machine production of paper cups the mug shape, appearance of is is available for frozen food and drink items. Has the characteristics of safety and health, light and convenient, it is a ideal equipment in the public places, hotels, restaurants. So how is it made? Made of chemical wood pulp paper ( White paper board) Done in the mechanical processing, bonded to a paper container. Paper is divided into the single side PE paper cup and double PE film laminating paper cups. PE film paper cups with single PE film paper cups is called single PE paper cup, paper production markets in domestic cup machine, advertising paper cups, most are single PE film paper cups, its form of expression for the water side of the lid machine, has a smooth PE film. Double PE paper cup with double PE film laminating paper production of paper cups, form of paper cups have PE film inside and outside. Paper cup size by an ounce ( 盎司) For the unit to measure the size of paper cups. Common on the market, for example, 9 ounces, 6. 5 ounces, 7 ounces cups, etc. An ounce is a unit of weight. Represent an ounce of weight here is equivalent to 28. The weight of the 34 ml water, can express an ounce ( 盎司) = 28. Ml (34 毫升) = 28. 34 grams ( g) 。 Paper cup at home, we put 3 - - 18 ounces ( 盎司) The size of the cup is called the paper, the conventional paper cups can be in our LBZ - LI or LBZ - L production on paper cup forming machine.
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