Ink color test methods

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
The sample 1, the principle and the prototype with parallel method of contrast, examine the sample color is in line with the same sample. 2, tools and materials ( 1) Ink with wooden handle tapered steel body, 200 mm long, at its widest point 20 mm, the narrowest place 8 mm. ( 2) Doctor blade system of stainless steel sheet, 92 mm x 59 mm x 0. 5 mm, blade width 9 mm at 25 ° bend outward. ( 3) Glass plate 200 mm * 200 mm * 5 mm. ( 4) Scraping the sample paper printing paper ( Accord with ZB Y32 002) 110 mm * 65 mm, specification, the top 60 - down 65 mm is 5 mm wide black bottom crossing. ( 5) Pt 65 mm x 30 mm. 3, test conditions, 1) Inspection should be in in the temperature ( 25±1) ℃, relative humidity 65 + 5 conditions. ( 2) Examine the complexion and color should be the standard of the incidence Angle 45 ° + 5 ° lighting body. ( 3) Examines the background should be sample light perspective. 4, test steps ( 1) With ink knife for the prototype and sample each about 5 g, placed in a glass plate, respectively, to make it. ( 2) With ink knife sample about 0. 5 g on samples of the upper left, then take sample about 0. 5 g on samples of the top right, both should be not connected. ( 3) Puts blade pasted ink samples above, make the main body of smears and scraping of samples is 90 °. From top to bottom to ink scraping samples of paper into a thin layer, to 15 mm below black crossing, to reduce force. Make the inside of the blade Angle is approximately 25 °, make the ink on the paper painted thicker ink layer. Figure 13 - ultimately shape scraping the sample should be with 1. ( 4) Scrape ink thin layer called the complexion of samples; Scraping the lower part of samples of ink layer called the inky progress; Scrape ink sample paper thin layer of light perspective is referred to as the base. ( 5) Ink color inspection, cellophane covered in thick ink layer. 5, inspection results ( 1) Offset printing ink, letterpress printing ink key examine sample complexion and the base of color is consistent with the prototype approximation,. ( 2) Mesh version of the ink, paper gravure ink key examines whether complexion is consistent with the prototype approximation, sample. ( 3) Test results should be within 5 min after scraping sample observation complexion and color shall prevail, as required for your reference.
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