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by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Paper cup, paper bowl, paper barrels: the unit of measure: commonly used an ounce ( 盎司) And ml ( cc,ml) To measure the magnitude of capacity; According to the size of the diameter and domestic habits, divided into paper cup, paper bowl, paper barrel; Material: PE film paper: the production of paper cups, paper bowl, paper barrel, paper boxes, etc. . . . Paper for PE film paper PE: polyethylene; PE film: just above the paper laminating machine ( Fumo machine) Sprinkle a layer of PE ( Polyethylene) Membrane; Single PE film paper: only a paper of PE film are referred to as the single PE film paper, paper cups are single film in domestic paper cups, ( Can look up to the market, only the water side of PE film) ; Both sides of the double PE film paper: paper with PE film paper two-sided PE film paper; Paper gram weight: refers to the weight of one square metre of paper such as: 170 g/m2 ( 170 gsm) ; PE weight: refers to one square metre paper laminating PE g; ( General 10 - 20 g/m2) PE film paper weight: single film (paper weight Base paper + PE gram weight) ; Double-side film paper weight ( The other side side PE weight + base paper weight + PE weight) Paper plates, paper plates, paper plates, paper plates of the material: 100 - - - 1000 g/m2 ( Base paper, white board paper, white cardboard, aluminum foil, or other) ; Paper plate shape and size: square paper plates, paper plates, special-shaped paper plates, etc. ; 4 - - 12 inches paper plates, paper plates; Paper choice: according to the market price, cost, size, and market positioning to decide. Paper quality: don't consider machine factor, the paper to the heavier the better, the better the quality. Paper cups of marketing: the commonly used - 135 - - The bill for 210 GSM PE paper; Advertising paper cups: common 190 - - - The bill for 280 GSM PE paper; Exports of paper cups: common 190 - - - 280 GSM double PE paper; Market paper bowl: common 160 - - - 220 GSM paper; Kang teacher li riceses leave: market, united 100, li riceses leave inside the bowl with a single PE around 250 GSM paper, coat with around 250 GSM Manila board.
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