In recent years, the white pollution to improving the production of plastic sheet machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-10
Plastic material is really make people love and hate, the role of like it because it really is very big, in the current market, produce most of the containers, packaging products are plastic materials for processing. As most of the cleaning supplies containers, plastic cups, plastic envelope, plastic bags etc. These are comparatively typical plastic products, can say that these products are mostly produced by sheet machine for processing, you can see the value of this machine. Said hate it because, on the other hand it also caused a lot of pollution, but the key is not in the plastic material itself, but rather in people's use. Now, applied to food industry more and more plastic packaging products, it has provided many conveniences for people life. However, every day a lot of plastic film and plastic packaging waste is a great public hazard has become a city, make the 'white pollution' serious damage to the natural environment and human health. For sheet machine, at present has produced more environmental protection type resin production, for the harm done by the foam or ease, and cup machine as one of the system is also use this material to carry on the processing and manufacturing, has certain significance for the environment, and the other a lunch box machine in recent years are no longer using foamed plastics in the form of production mode for manufacturing the disposable fast-food containers, and the other the degradability of the larger materials for processing and production of plastic products.
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