Export is an important approach to making cup machine development

by:Mengxing     2020-03-06
In the cup machine machinery has become a traditional mechanical manufacturing one of the most rapidly developing industry, every sheet machine have continuously increase in demand. The plastic machinery industry in our country to be able to rapid growth, mainly due to the following points: one is the rapid development of domestic plastics machinery, plastic industry, demand; Second, equipment upgrading, promote the development of system cup machines constantly and update. System of our country is a machine, such as plastic machinery producer, but exports accounts for only 5% ~ 10% of the total sales for many years, compared with the output is unbecoming. According to the current production capacity, great potential for plastics machinery exports, increase system cup machines, plastic machinery exports should be further development of plastics machinery industry. We strive to create conditions to increase exports, and expand the development of China plastics machinery industry space.
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