Enterprise how to carry out the network marketing?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
With the deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises to network marketing has been the fact that people and knowledge. Small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing is different from large enterprises, mainly in the enterprise product promotion, enterprise resource collection and effective information feedback in time. 一、企业产品推广,其重要手段是: 1、企业网站和搜索引擎登录 2、信息发布和信息反馈 对于大企业来说,企业网站是一个形象宣传工具,需要华丽的页面。 More important for small businesses, corporate website is a product of the display window. In enterprise website, need to elaborate on the performance of the products, advantages, parameters and so on, deserve to go up beautiful best product pictures ( As well, or don't play) , let visitors see your products directly. 前些年国内的搜索引擎其实是'分类检索',随着'GOOGLE'的进入,'百度'的异军突起,成为YAHOO、新浪、网易、搜狐、等大型搜索引擎的网页搜索支持,中文搜索引擎进入了一个真正的'搜索时代'。 In the search engine to promote enterprise, more important is to make the search engine to find your own enterprise and product, and the top. For small and medium-sized enterprises, therefore, spend a lot of money to do a take up website, let us have a rich content and corporate websites through search optimization. 网上信息发布是企业在网上进行宣传的重要手段。 Any traditional propaganda method, are not as good as the network information release as low cost and effective. Thanks to the network economy era of free. Domestic now has nearly thousand free release information website, alibaba such a large information website, there are a large number of information website from all walks of life. 值得注意的是,没有一家信息网站能够容纳所有的信息,吸引所有的信息查询者。 And many small and medium-sized information website hand holds a large number of offline client, their staff through information website and the network connection, rather than through the Internet. Therefore, in addition to release information to large information website, also as far as possible release of information to be more information website, especially professional websites. 发布信息有很多技巧。 首先是'实'。 The themes and contents of information and will hit the nail on the head to point out that you want to sell something. For example, if you sell a new food manufacturing technology, the information of the subject is called 'grasp opportunities package you get rich, recommended 1 - in information website home page 2 days may have the effect, time grows, the need to find it by searching out is not easy, no one will use 'master' or 'get rich' as keywords to search for the information he needs. Should study your information when you publish the information mainly showed what industry, these people to find information, and points to those who are easy to be found in the theme of 'key words'. The second is' all '. Not anything not mentioned in the message content. But important keywords' bath products', 'bath appliances',' bathroom articles for use such as all write, because the computer is impossible to know 'bath products' and' bathroom articles for use is similar to the concept of! If people find information search only 'bathroom articles for use, the computer is not given to his' bath products, unless the application error. 发布信息的同时需要注意反馈的方法。 Some companies to keep up the email, but very difficult to receive E-mail, will make opportunity wasted. Here recommend Oriental information network of 'the universal network marketing platform' ( http://www。 东方通信。 com) , the multistation information release is an organic whole repeatedly, the enterprise website, information feedback, let see the information of customer to visit the website immediately, and carry on feedback. Make it easy for you to complete the whole process of online promotion. Second, the enterprise resource collection, as the resources of the Internet more and more rich, the enterprise can have from the Internet to find their own production of raw materials, equipment, new technology and the supply of goods, for the enterprise to save the production cost, improve the technical content. 企业资源搜集的主要方法是运用搜索引擎。 Use search engines to find the resources need to have certain skills. First of all to understand how to correctly choose 'key words'. Information online, for example, there is a 'inventory textiles: sweaters and men's and women's clothing, with keywords' inventory' and 'sweater', 'clothing can be found to this information, but no search' inventory sweater. But, you really want to find a 'inventory sweater' has nothing to do but don't want to see the information, how to do? 这就需要使用'搜索语法'。 Can also search the 'inventory' and 'sweater' two words. Each search engine has its own 'search syntax, must read before use. Such as sina ( http://www。 新浪。 com. cn) , search two words at the same time, using the '+', and GOOGLE ( http://www。 谷歌。 com) , you need to leave a space between the two words. 在这里,推荐两个最好的中文搜索引擎: GOOGLE中文搜索:http://www. 谷歌。 Com YAHOO、网易、都采用了它的搜索技术,界面简洁,功能强大,速度快。 百度搜索:新浪网、ENET、搜狐都采用了百度的搜索技术。  最后,告诉你一个最重要的技巧,那就是认真地查看每一个网站的功能说明。 No matter where you publish information or search information, each site has its own characteristics, and these characteristics will be written in the introduction to the functionality of the site. Many enterprise application service everywhere, but don't want to go to the show, the result only get everywhere 'half a bucket of water service, then give up again and again in the complaints of promotion opportunities. Spend a little time, read the instructions well, will make you get twice the result with half the effort!
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