Cup stacking machine to replace human stacking cups

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Now the social demand for disposable plastic products is very large, because demand has caused a lot of consumption, need a lot of manpower to fill the consumption. But only by artificial fill consumption operation fee, very difficult. Make the cup, cup, if is thought to operate, can be very slow, and not clean, can imagine by contact with plastic cup wall will be dirty. Machinery manufacturing is also introduced a cup stacking machine, etc on this issue for needed in the process of making a cup of. And the launch of the cup stacking machine effectively solve cup stacking efficiency, ensure the cleanliness of the cup. Main function is to making cup, cup machine produces through the structure of the cup for cup to the stack. In the process of folding cup, making a good cup would come through the transmission belt in the middle of the fuselage, instead of in the transmission channel fan blowing glass will be back to continue to lead to the central part of the fuselage, if still no longer travel, will continue to blow back into the required position until the plastic cup, after pass through the middle of the fuselage, the glass will enter the fuselage tilt of the head automatic, and then one by one, the nested.
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